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The web world has brought the Individuals and nations to the present world of connectedness. Today, the World Wide Web has given complete understanding to the meaning of “Knowledge Management”.
We have always misunderstood that Information is source of Power. However, it has finally dawned on the civilization that Information is only set of data and it is of no meaning until it is well structured and processed leading to application of the same which we know as Knowledge. Now, even Knowledge per se is of no significance till we are able to build on it giving way to new use of the same.
Thus one source of Knowledge may not be of value till we are able to amalgamate with various other sources and create a new world with purpose. With this philosophy, KSMC would like to be in gratitude for all the knowledge and wisdom the mankind has shared and would like to commit to share their experiences so that people can build on it and bring a spiritual awakening to the mankind.
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